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Watford Housing Trust makes serious Data Leak Blunder

The Housing Association has appoligised via facebook after leaking the personal details of 3545 other Tenants.

Many residents could now exposed to risk due to leaked personal data due to a bungled email about Covid-19.  This could not have happened at a worse time during a National Isolation Lockdown.

Residents where sent an email but also contained an attached document containing thousands of names and addresses of members.  A second email was sent asking to delete the first email.

While it is not clear who else may have be able to access these details, criminals often glean basic personal information.

The details held customer contact details, including names, phone numbers, home and email addresses and, in some cases, dates of birth, Ethnic Origin,  Sexual Orientation, housing needs, Tenancy dates, and Religion, but no financial data.

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Some replies communicated the disgust and seriousness of the incident.

Jemma ‘This has quite serious implications for some people. I don’t think a simple sorry on facebook (which only spreads the word further and is your second massive error) and a report to whoever is going to cut it… more like families having to move to be safe again for some… massive problem for everyone involved. Just don’t need the stress and worry in these already challenging times.”

Vicki ” I’m freaking pissed off that I’m affected. So many vulnerable people could be at risk! By the looks of it, over 3000 residents at risk! This sickens me! We all need to take serious action, as I’m afraid, they might just sweep this under the carpet with a slap on wrist- despite clear breach of GDPR!!!”

One  wrote “Absolutely disgusting and sorry isn’t good enough !!! Our information is private and confidential and your staff should be very aware of the distress caused to a lot of people !!! I feel completely violated …..”

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The housing association later issued an apology to everyone through email, requesting that the email is deleted.

The housing association have an important responsibility to protect sensitive consumer data and they must appreciate the risks involved if they fail to do so.

“Anyone with concerns should email and we will contact them.”

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