Luke O’Connell memorial plaque Fundraiser

On August 31st 2019 a family lost Luke O’Connell (Peanut) tragically to knife crime attack in Watford.

Memorial, railings,tribute,
Memororial tributes for Luke O’Connell, who was murdered nearby.

There is a memorial at callowland park where the incident happened but the family also wanted to get a bench plaque put in the park instead.

So David Flannery and Tina Flannery organised a gofundme page which has been shared on social media.
“Every donation will be appreciated to help us reach the goal.”

Their initial goal of £2000 has been reached on the donation page.Gofund, money raising,

The Murder Trial In September had the jury  discharged because the judge is “self-isolating”, a court has said.

Hertfordshire Constabulary confirmed there is set to be a re-trial later in the year.  But with lockdown2 this could be delayed until 2021.

Harrow Crown Court said the jury was discharged because the trial judge “is self-isolating due to an existing underlying health condition”.

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