Emergency Services time taken up by Drunk during Covid-19

Police and paramedics spent over an hour after being called out to a man who had been drinking vodka.

Neighbours were disgusted that time was taken up in this time of coronavirus crisis stay at home times.

The man had started drinking at around 1:30pm from a 1-litre bottle of vodka.

First police were called to an address in North Watford at 3:44pm.

The man was seen to fall over on at least two occasions while drinking strong vodka in the communal garden.

Paramedics and an Officer keeping safe with PPE

Soon after an ambulance turned up with two paramedics with medical equipment.

Protective face masks were also worn to protect from coronavirus, along with the usual gloves.

Police also made comments to a Neighbour named ‘Frosty’ for listening to music too loudly with two others keeping social distancing.

Even though no complaints had been made the man was livid the police had to make an issue of this,  but he did go turn the music down.  Neighbours take turns to play music during nice weather.

Then an argument started between other neighbours after one was accusing the other of phoning the police.  It is not sure if this was to do with the man drinking or the police bringing up the noise nuisance.

It is advised to keep the noise down as people are confined to their homes, as they can not go out to get away from disturbances.

Experts warn “It’s tempting to drink in times of stress, but habits picked up now could be difficult to break.”

Now we’re all sitting at home drinking our stockpiled alcohol but experts are warning that as well as the pandemic, we’re facing another public health crisis – heavy drinking.

It has also been advised not to have bonfires to keep the air clear for people who are self-isolating.  Edinburgh Council have put a ban.

“People with asthma or similar health conditions may find it difficult to be inside their homes with smoke nearby, or may struggle to go out for their essential daily exercise.

“We’re asking residents to avoid having bonfires during this pandemic to protect everyone’s health and help protect our NHS.”

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