Coronavirus Tracker app goes Live

UK Researchers have launched the new Covid-19 app to help track the spread.

The researchers have been tracking symptoms via their specially-created Covid Symptom Tracker app.

Over half (59%) of the 1.5 million people who signed up to the app by March 29, and tested positive, reported a loss of smell and taste, compared with 18% of those who tested negative, analysis of the data showed.

People with smartphones are being urged to use the app and help scientists tracking the deadly disease.

The Covid-19 Symptom Tracking app can be downloaded for Android and IOS.

Entering details like age, sex, and postcode and then a quick daily report on how healthy they feel.

The app helps health officials build up a picture of how the virus is spreading through the UK and what can be done to help areas most at risk.

The app was a collaborative effort from researchers at Kings College London and Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospitals alongside the health data company ZOE.

Available in the US March 26th



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