Armed Police respond to incident in Watford

Residents on the Ruston Estate, Leavesden were witness to an Armed response unit and several Police vehicles.

Police were originally called following a physical altercation between two neighbours outside a block of flats 7pm on Monday 24th. A woman was also reportedly pushed as she tried to intervene during the incident.

Officers attended and a 53-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of GBH, common assault and possession of a class A drug.

The man was subsequently further arrested on suspicion of cultivation of cannabis.

Following this information they had then received the situation then escalated to an Armed Response team being deployed.

At the front of the building were six or more police officers wearing hi-vis and PPE due to COVID19 rules.

At the back were another two Hi-vis cops and about seven specially trained officers from the BCH unit, each armed with Rifle, pistol, and taser.

Specialist firearms officers surround the address in Gullet Wood Road at 7:40pm- their responsibilities include entering buildings, buses, coaches, trains and aircraft to rescue hostages.

In the video footage, One of the cops radios in and says “he’s going to present” so they move in.

armed police, AC3, response,
About eight highly trained BCH squad storm the building

They managed to capture the man in the stairwell, handcuff and take him off into custody.  The man was shouting “I know who you are”

armed police, AC3, cops, guns, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, BCH, Police Forces,Firearms officers
Specialist Firearms officer approaches the rear entrance.

They then proceeded to enter and search the property, officers called “Any occupants inside please come to the front door with nothing in your hands.  No answer was heard,  the door is then forced open and police go in.

They discovered a quantity of cannabis was discovered inside, a spare room and a loft that may have been used for illegal purposes.

An hour or so later they were joined by the forensics team.   Removal of several items was made into the early hours of the morning.

Police cars, vehicle,
Police at the scene late into the evening.

Police worked into the early hours of Tuesday morning removing several items of equipment suspected to the possible cultivation of the banned cannabis plant were taken away.

Last week a police raid targeting suspected drug dealers was executed in Leavesden – however, no drugs were found even though they had a tip off.

Although tonight’s was apparently instigated by a racism incident, which supposedly got a bit heated. The police arrived to a distressed man who may then have informed the police of the contents inside the others dwelling.

He has been released on bail while enquiries continue. Crime log number 41/67950/20  

Armed Policing Unit (tri-force)

Armed Policing Unit aims to provide an immediate armed response to incidents where firearms have been, are being or are thought to be in use.

BCH officer, Armed, Gun, Rifle,
Heckler & Koch gun as “the ultra-short assault rifle”, plus a secondary weapon is a Glock 17 in the holster around the leg.

The collaborated unit, covering Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

The weapons most carried by the police are 9mm, 5.56mm, and 7.62mm caliber weapons.  Forces may carry other caliber weapons for general and specialist use. The police also use the following weapons:  

  • Handguns, including self-loading pistols and revolvers;
  • Carbines and rifles;
  • Precision rifles fitted with telescopic sights;
  • Shotguns (pump-action or self-loading) with appropriate sighting system and bored true cylinder to enable specialist munitions to be used (for example, CS and breaching rounds);

In July 2016 the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire Joint Protective Services (BCH JPS) set about increasing the number of authorised firearms officers (AFOs) in order to help protect the public and respond quickly to serious threats.