Abbots Langley Burglaries and crime

Car Crash after Police Chase A412 Watford september 2017.Article by Reporter Wayne

Could the culprit to the latest Robbery in Abbots Langley where a car was stolen, be the one behind the other Burglaries.


On Thursday night 20th September, two houses had items pinched from their cars, one of these actually had their Black VW Golf car stolen.


Shannon Crossley Abbots LangleyThe Daughter, Shannon Crossley posted this message on Facebook. (story Continues below)


Sara Bedford, a councillor who admin's an Abbots Langley Facebook group, wrote : "I have requested that street lights be switched back on in several streets, but have had no support from the police. The county council will not switch back on without police instruction to do so."


This was after other residents where asking them to be put them back on, in light of recent burglaries going on in the area.


Graham posted "Every night something is going on in abbots. The street lights need to be left on and more of a police presence is required because there are no police after 6pm now".


Sean wrote "No police = no deterrent! Sarah Bedford, can you let David Lloyd know just how bad things are in Abbots at the moment, as I’d love to here his response."


Herfordshire Constabulary wrote on their page "The local community have raised crime prevention advice regarding burglary as a local priority. Parish of Abbots Langley"


Herts Police reported recent incidents of attempts to break-ins.


Police in Three Rivers are urging drivers to review the security of their vehicles following a number of incidents in Abbots Langley

  • Overnight between Wednesday, September 6 and Thursday, September 7 power tools were stolen from a van in Bell Close, Bedmond.
  • Front and rear number plates were stolen from a Nissan Micra in Church Hill, Bedmond, overnight between Wednesday, September 6 and Thursday, September 7.
  • A blue Honda motorcycle was stolen from Queens Drive overnight between Wednesday, September 6 and Thursday, September 7.
  • Between 8.30pm and 11.30pm on Wednesday, September 6 tools were stolen from a van in The Crescent.
  • An industrial hoover and a jig saw were stolen from a van in Jacketts Field at around 10.50pm on September 6.


On Thursday 21st September, Police attempted to stop the stolen VW Golf car in Hempstead Road, Watford, but the the thief did not want to stop and police gave chase.

A few minutes later the thief collided with another car in St Albans road, and police nabbed the criminal.


Video Coverage of Stolen VW crash in St Albans Road

Video of damaged sustained by all Cars.


The stolen VW Golf , driven without insurance by the thief, collided with other cars whilst being chased by Police.

damaged Police Car. Car hits an innocent drivers vehicle causing damage.


A man was arrested and put in custody.

We have not received any updates from the police, but expect something on monday.


damaged Police Car bumbper hangs on on the road september 2017.Recovery Vehicle takes unroadworthy Police car, and the two other cars away to clear the scene.


Neighbourhood Sergeant Chris Simmons said: “We have increased resources in the area as a result of these incidents and are working to identify those responsible for the thefts.


“I would like to take this opportunity to remind drivers to remove all items from their vehicles when leaving them unattended, even from the glove box and boot. It takes just seconds for an opportunist thieve to break in and steal them. If you have no other option but to leave tools in your vehicle overnight, please consider installing a tool safe to keep them more secure.


“We also offer a free tool marking service. Security marking your tools makes them less attractive to thieves as they are harder to sell on. It is also easier to reunite them with their owners should they ever get lost or stolen and subsequently recovered. We hold regular tool marking events and I would encourage as many people as possible to come along. Details of the next event will be published in the coming weeks.”


Sgt Simmons continued: “If you witness any suspicious activity around vehicles please contact police straight away, making a note of any descriptions of people involved. If you witness a crime in progress, always dial 999.”


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